Crime analysis of Udaipur City: A Geo-ethnographic Study

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April 18, 2019
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May 15, 2019

Crime analysis of Udaipur City: A Geo-ethnographic Study

Commissioned by the Udaipur Police, the Evidence-Based Policing (EBP) Network of the Center for Criminology & Public Policy (CCPP) is conducting a pilot study to identify and analyze the patterns of crime in Udaipur. Using crime data from local police stations, the study combines geographic information system (GIS) technologies and ethnographic approaches for analysis and interpretation of the data.  

The findings of the study will be published and shared with the Inspector General of Udaipur Range and the Superintendent of Udaipur Police in the month of May, 2019. CCPP will also conduct a press conference, in association with Rajasthan Police, to communicate the significance of this study and its benefits to actual policing and budget formulation.

The study is being supervised by the Chair of the Evidence-Based Policing Network, Dr. Hanif Qureshi, IPS, while the Director of CCPP, R Rochin Chandra is the Lead Researcher. The purpose of this pilot study is to promote research partnerships between CCPP and police agencies at the state level. 

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