Samarth: A Handbook on Child Protection and Welfare

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Samarth: A Handbook on Child Protection and Welfare


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The Rajasthan Society of Criminology and Victimology, Udaipur, has entrusted a major project to the Director, R Rochin Chandra to prepare a Handbook for the Ministry of Human Resource Development and the National Council of Educational Research and Training, with guidelines to protect children and adolescents from crimes like child sexual abuse, bullying, substance abuse, physical violence, etc.

Expected to be released in January 2020, this booklet aims to provide tools and resources for parents, educators and communities assuming the responsibility of safety and well-being of children. The booklet also spreads awareness about actions that may be helpful to identify, address, and prevent child victimization as well as delinquent behavior.

The central object behind this booklet is to prepare young people to meet the challenges and demands of everyday life by imparting essential life skills.

Project Details

Project Director & Lead Researcher: R Rochin Chandra, Director and Principal Criminologist

Project Advisor: Prof. Vijaylaxmi Chouhan, Steering Group Member, Child Protection Network

Researcher Assistant(s): Shubhangi Shrivastava, Manali Shrivastava, Muskan Gupta

Funding Agency: The Rajasthan Society of Criminology and Victimology

Funding Amount: Rs. 56, 000/-

Dates: January – June, 2019

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