Seminar on cyber crime awareness held

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December 27, 2019
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Seminar on cyber crime awareness held

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By R Rochin Chandra &  Anju Mathew 
January 04, 2020 at 11.58 am 
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Udaipur: Students interested in learning how to prevent computer-related crime and understand trends in cyber crime clarified their doubts as the experts shared detailed insights on cyber safe practices at a seminar organized by the Center for Criminology & Public Policy, in association with the National Service Scheme, at Meera Girls College, Udaipur, here, on Monday.

More than 200 students from various departments attended the seminar and listened to the experts in rapt attention.

The objective of the seminar was to identify the problems faced by the students with respect to cyber crime; to sensitize the students and faculty member about cyber law and security and to impart training on prevention of cyber crime.

Speaking at the seminar, CCPP’s Policy Researcher Vinita Kewlani highlighted the need to curb the menace of cyber crimes on young people and ensuring cyber safety. “To protect yourself from becoming a victim of cyber crime, you must first understand the nature of cyber crime, the modus-operandi of cyber criminals, and the impact of cyber-attacks on its victims”.

She also pointed out that those aged 18-25 are most likely to suffer from internet-enabled crimes – including hacking, phishing, identity-theft, cyber stalking, sexting and revenge porn – because they do things online that have financial and personal consequences.

“Access to internet and social media is exposing young people to cyber crime because they are not aware of the information they are sharing or the risks it poses. Data suggests that women are more likely than men to be victims of cyber violence, and the impact on their lives is far more traumatic”, Kewlani said.

On how net-savvy youths can avoid becoming a victim of interpersonal cyber-violence, Kewlani advised the students not to communicate with unknown people on social media, as cyber-criminals often assume fake identities to target their victims, and to get away with their wrong doings.

Briefing at the seminar, Anju Mathew, an early career researcher at CCPP, Udaipur explained the importance of cyber ethics while using android phones and social media applications. She also explained the ways in which young people can protect themselves against cyber victimization.

The seminar was followed by a question and answer round and the students interaction with the experts to obtain a better understanding of privacy threats surrounding Facebook, Tiktok, Whatsapp. The curiosity with which the students asked questions and responded to expert lectures demonstrated the need to organize more educational events on cyber crimes prevention.

The seminar concluded with a formal vote of thanks proposed by the convenor of the seminar, Prof. Rekha.

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